Monday, September 28, 2009

Here is a little Fairy in a Jar I made....I got the pattern from Feathered Nest...
Love this fairy and she sits in my kitchen
I have been so bad in not blogging. Please forgive me..I needed to try some new things and
wanted to finish them before I came back.
Lots of new techniques to try and I want to do it all....
I have uploaded a small heart I played with wood with texture and alcohol inks...I like the look but of course went on to add more layers of embellsihments.

The next technique is a large masonite piece a layer of texture, stamps and various found objects stamped in to the paste; a build up of approx. 5 layers of paints and glazes...hmmm
still not sure if I like it and may add more paint still...we'll call it a work in progess right now.

I just got as a gift from my hubby a book on media transfers. I never knew there were that many ways of doing

have a good rained here this morning and now the sun is shining but it is windy and cold today...