Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Well my birthday has come and gone and I have to tell you that birthdays just mean another day to me....I hate goodbyes to the old years and hello to fact I just hate goodbyes in general...but this birthday caught me in the throws of weapiness. I realized that this year there was no heckling from my best friend of over 54 years. Bertille was a month younger than me so the heckling on my birthday was very apparent and then again on was just something we did since grade school and took for granted...Bertille will have gone on to her new life one year this I was especially missing her on my birthday. She kept me grounded and while she was the plassid one I was the temper and tempramental one and she wouldn't hesitate to tell me so and put me in my place...God how I miss her...and my youngest brother who will have passed two years this March...we were all best friends and had a great time in teasing each other..

I seem to be losing all those around me lately...hard to keep smiling but I am lucky aren't I? I am still here in good health and rocking and rolling....

How lucky I am to have known someone who was so hard to say goodbye to Unknown

Well I am going to go and make a journal page and hopefull will have some art to post very soon