Sunday, July 29, 2012

Yesterday was the day to get off my butt and stop procrastinating...get out to the conservation and take pictures of anything and everything to gain more experience with my camera...What a blast I had...I wondered around clicking here and clicking there.  If you look at the photos constructive help is always welcomed.  The picture of the tree trunk does anyone know what the heck is growing out of that trunk; you can see it on the front and also in the little hole in the trunk....the picture of the two exact flowers I put up because I have a hard time with some of the pictures....when I photo adjust them they of course become brighter but I really like some of the ones I left alone...the darker muted colours...those two ways I put up so you could see them adjusted and left alone....which flower do you like the best of these two, the darker or lighter one?  I think I may have to take the pictures twice so I can do both...I have a lot more but will put them up later.  I don't want you to get too bored by my new passion.  In the name of art these will work for wonderful backgrounds for my mixed media and great paintings on canvas....and they will be my is pretty cool sometimes!!!