Monday, July 12, 2010

I am not sure if I like this Facebook badge on keeps putting up pictures that I was going to add..
hmmm nervy...

I am taking Pam Carriker's workshop Journaling 365 and this is my first lesson completed...we are further along but it took me this long to get the nerve up to start my lessons.  This is done with conte crayons and I must say I am liking them very much..I will be doing more with them as they are fun to use (like charcoal only don't smudge as much)...this was all done just with the black crayon and then used my white uniball pen to embellish afterwards. 

I took the drawing from a picture of my beautiful daughter (doesn't look anything like her as I am still learning to draw portraits)...hehehe but our feelings are so similar that my muse took over and combined us and so the My Daughter Myself.