Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hot and muggy today folks...the sun and overcast are battling it out to see who'll win....Doesn't matter to me which of them wins...I love the heat and don't mind rain....

I did a couple journal pages is called Work in Red which I did from a workshop with Pam Carriker. I have pretty well done all Pam's workshops. She is an excellent teacher and an amazing artist and I always learn new things in her workshops.

this one is from the group I belong Art For The Creative Mind...It was a weekly challenge in our journals of masks and stencils.  I used watercolour, acrylics, daubers, watercolour crayons, distress inks on this page. It was just a fun thing to do.

Monday, June 6, 2011

I made these tags for a swap in California...what fun I have doing this!!
I guess I haven't been totally lax as here are a couple of  atcs I made of my cats for a swap called 'Cat in the Hat', of course.
This one is called Spirit
An Inspiration Card I did for a swap this one is Solitude
Oh my gosh, I really can't believe I have let my blog go this long. I apologize...just wasn't up to talking or painting of any kind...but back now and feeling good.

I will be posting lots more work in the days to come because my head is bursting with ideas so I will be spending my days in the studio trying to get my must to take them from my head to canvas, paper, journals and clay.....I know I should focus on my thing as my darling partner in life keeps telling me but I can't do that....I am too eclectic or a flibbergibit (spelling)....and perfer to think I  am more eclectic...sounds better don't you think?  (big smile here)....