Tuesday, June 29, 2010

So here I sit with a very big bruise on my leg from the pulled groin muscle last week...silly me, I turned too quickly while making Lorne’s lunch for the day and soon as I was turning I heard myself saying “oops I shouldn’t be turning like this” apparently my muscle heard it too...hehehe I was in such pain that day I laid on the bed most of the day with the heating pad...after my ginger bath that night I felt much better and the pain was pretty well gone, but I can still feel that darn sore muscle and when I sit the wrong way (on the muscle I guess) yikes it hurts..and the bruise has gone around half my leg as I stretched it the other night in bed...too funny. I am thinking I should get up on my scanner and scan it and use it for a background because it is a pretty molted purple/blue and red colour...hehehehe

Today is Jacob’s graduation from grade 8 so tonight we will be going to the school to watch him...I am weepy...yesterday I was sitting on the floor playing with him. What happened overnight? 
The time goes so fast it is scary.  I am so proud of my grandson!! So far in his young life he is showing a potential for becoming a caring and wonderful person; the kind of man we need in today's world.

I think today is Journal Page day called Bitter/Sweet..

Off now to grab another coffee...have a wonderful day and see you all later.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Here are the last two I did...Note that the bottom one has a piece of paper coving the middle; that is because I have done
my partner's name on it and don't want her to see it before she gets it in the mail...

I am doing a group zentangle swap.  Here are the first two I did. I have to tell you that doodling is something I did/do all the time; but when you sit down to purposely do it that's a whole other story!!  I had to stop trying and let my muse "Tlazotoetl" take over and then it came together...I actually enjoyed it once I got started and stopped thinking!!  I hope you enjoy them. Any feedback on how to make them better is always appreciated when I put my art pieces up....
Sunday Morning, warm and overcast and that's okay!!
I have to start my post this morning saying how proud I am of our Police Force in Toronto!! They are doing an amazing job with professionalism and patience keeping the "black bloc" protesters at bay. These thugs are being detained and held and that is a good thing.  The police have had bottles, sticks, rocks and other things thrown at them.  Some police cars burned and store windows smashed.. Protesting the G8 and G20 is fine if done with diginity!! These kids should have their Mothers take them home by the ear!!!!