Friday, August 26, 2011

This is the cover of the journal for my step daughter Lori's birthday.  I really hope she likes this...Her favourite colours purples and dark pinks....
Family page for photos and notes. I had a glare...I took pictures away from the light sources so I don't know.....

This is the back cover and it doesn't show up either but the little girl represents Lori and the witch represent me as I have always, since Lori and her brother were tiny, called myself the "wicked Step Monster." and that has always been our joke...I couldn't love either one more than if they were my own blood...all my kids are special.....
this page shows twice...they are campers and I thought this was a cute page for pictures and notes.

Pictures go behind the wagon which again didn't show the red as it should have...grrrh...a little tag above held with a paper clip for journaling. The doll was a material yellow doll and it doesn't look appealing at all but it is...the wagon and doll represent Lori's two kids (my grandkids).

This page, the lace paper doesn't show up as pretty as it really is.

this was the prettiest page in red and pink roses and th tag doesn't show up ...just a big white glare.

The lace was dyed with a distress spray and the picture of the lady and bird was a beautiful envelope sent to my by Mary Ann a dear friend and outstanding artist in a swap from one of the lists I am on...I kept that envelope because I thought it was so beautiful and this page called for cut it down and used it. Check out Mary Ann's is beautiful.

Inside cover with envelope att'ched.  In the envelope is a poem about my step daughter.
I just finished a journal for my step daughter's birthday and off it went to her...I took pictures but I am really disappointed in the way they turned out...A photographer I'm not I guess!! I hope you can use your imagination to visualize some of the colours...they were vibrant and I guess too much so for my camera...hahaha.  This is the cover and the only one, I think that turned out properly...her name is Lori so the L is on the cover and her favourite colour is purple and pinks come next.