Saturday, August 7, 2010

Last but not least is our Echo. He is a 20 year old Papillon and just grumbles at us all and goes to sleep.  This guy believe it or not has a Napoleon Complex and is quite a cheavonist!! If I sit down at suppertime before dinner is cooked he barks and barks at me and if I don't listen and get up he goes to his Dad and barks at him to tell him I am sitting and not getting their dinner.  Other than that he is the sweetest boy and although he is almost deaf and blind people still think he's a pup because he bounces around on his good days.
here is Ms. Cali Cat with her attitude. She didn't come near or talk to me for two days; however she did talk and cuddle up with her Daddy and our granddaugher Nicole...not me..
Today she finally forgave me and has been following this little Salem all around after letting him know that she owned us all.
Here is a picture of our new baby boy, Salem. He is two months old and the kitty Joann and Sandy brought me along with raspberry jam for Lorne...hahaha. It softened the blow of another family member...Ahh but who could resist this guy?
Here is a picture of little Salem's Sister. Joann McLean is teaching this project at C2C here in Mississauga Ontario Canada next April 27 - May lst.  This is coloured pencil can you believe it?
This is so awesome and I bet Joann will have a line up clammering to get in to this class.

Joann is an amazing artist and teaches in different mediums one being Traditions...Joann took some time off from teaching but is coming back to the place she should never have left "teaching"!! 

Joann and her wonderful hubby Sandy seem to collect all the unwanted fur babies that are left anyone can possibly leave a cat homeless is beyond me...
 If you want to contact Joann email me and I will give you her email addy.

Friday, August 6, 2010

ahhh you guys are the best!! Thank you for following my posts. You make me happy
Happy Friday Everyone.  Yesterday I got my new kitty.  He is two months old and all black. His name Salem of course!! While we all love him darling Cali Cat doesnot and is not speaking to her Dad or me since yesterday and she is quite a vocal cat.  I do hope she comes around.  My granddaughter Nicole sat with Cali yesterday and Cali talked and talked to her apparently telling her the whole story of how I brought in another "thing" and she is not happy.  Dear old Echo (20 year old papillion dog) just grumbles and goes to sleep. I will be putting pictures of Salem up today. 

His little sister needs a home too. She has beautiful tabby markings on her.  My friend Joann and her hubby Sandy rescued these fur babies and they seem to rescue lots of cats and kitties that people just don't care for any longer (how sad is that). I figure you abandon a pet you'd abandon a kid...but that's me!!!
Joann McLean is a beautiful artist and her work is so amazing!! Her coloured pencil is just beautiful and you would think it was acrylics..I sure hope she starts teaching again. 

Have a wonderful Friday. The sun is shining and I am off to do some art.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I have been busy doing my Art Journal Love Workshop. My Journal 365 Workshop. My Chaos and Calm Workshop.  I hopefully will be putting up some art work this week.  I am also finishing up a couple of canvases and working in my journal(s).  I am also playing with the Golden Mediums and I have to tell you...I am loving them.

The weather is wonderfully hot and my flowers are finally doing okay in the garden.  The herbs are growing nicely and I have enough Lavendar to bring in the house.

Life is good as I hope it is for you too.