Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I have been busy doing my Art Journal Love Workshop. My Journal 365 Workshop. My Chaos and Calm Workshop.  I hopefully will be putting up some art work this week.  I am also finishing up a couple of canvases and working in my journal(s).  I am also playing with the Golden Mediums and I have to tell you...I am loving them.

The weather is wonderfully hot and my flowers are finally doing okay in the garden.  The herbs are growing nicely and I have enough Lavendar to bring in the house.

Life is good as I hope it is for you too.

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Anonymous said...

Boohoo I planted lavendar and nothing came up! Your pets are all adoreable. Cali looks like she could have attitude! LOL! Love her face! That kitten is adorable I love kittens! The dog sounds like a riot and a half too! Thanks for sharing ya family. Og love the hand drawn cat face it's amazing! Sanna