Tuesday, June 29, 2010

So here I sit with a very big bruise on my leg from the pulled groin muscle last week...silly me, I turned too quickly while making Lorne’s lunch for the day and soon as I was turning I heard myself saying “oops I shouldn’t be turning like this” apparently my muscle heard it too...hehehe I was in such pain that day I laid on the bed most of the day with the heating pad...after my ginger bath that night I felt much better and the pain was pretty well gone, but I can still feel that darn sore muscle and when I sit the wrong way (on the muscle I guess) yikes it hurts..and the bruise has gone around half my leg as I stretched it the other night in bed...too funny. I am thinking I should get up on my scanner and scan it and use it for a background because it is a pretty molted purple/blue and red colour...hehehehe

Today is Jacob’s graduation from grade 8 so tonight we will be going to the school to watch him...I am weepy...yesterday I was sitting on the floor playing with him. What happened overnight? 
The time goes so fast it is scary.  I am so proud of my grandson!! So far in his young life he is showing a potential for becoming a caring and wonderful person; the kind of man we need in today's world.

I think today is Journal Page day called Bitter/Sweet..

Off now to grab another coffee...have a wonderful day and see you all later.

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