Monday, July 5, 2010

I had such a happy time last week watching my grandson Jacob graduate from Grade 8 to High School.  The times goes so fast it is scary.  He was little and we played on the floor with building blocks and overnight he is so much taller than me and broad shouldered and grown does that happen overnight?  He won an award and graduated with honours!! Of course that doesn't surprise me but it is nice to boast about.  His award was given to him because he helps others, is kind, gives respect to his peers and is respected by all at school...he is always there when needed.  Yup that's my Grandma couldn't be prouder....Jacob is my heart.

Now I am off to fnish up some art pieces. I am going to not do so many swaps as I am not getting my own art done. There are not enough hours in my day even though I am up at 4:30 but in bed before 10...hehehehe. I think I will make the hours from 5:30 (when my hubby leaves for work) until 11 just my art time and maybe I will get some things accomplished...housework will have to wait...

It is warm and humid here today and the sun is fighting the beautiful gray/blue sky which is my favourite colour.

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