Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Here are a couple of the zentangles I did a while back for the Art For The Creative Mind group swap on yahoo.. My friend Laura Haviland requested to see them so I will add all four that I did...they were fun.
Please visit Laura's blog spot if you haven't been there yet. You are in for a surprise. Her work is amazing; she is amazing and she is a paper doll wonder....

You will enjoy her work very much!! Thanks Laura for your kind words. It is people like you that make people like me keep trying harder.


Laura Haviland said...

Val these are just screaming awesome zentangles!!! I have never seen these zentangles,you created. I just love these so much. Wow !!
They are the coolest and the patterns are perfect.
I love the way you have a centre point,it is like they are grounded.
Does that make sense,LOL. I am guessing you know what I mean because we get each other.
I am new to Zentangles and loved seeing your creations. What a great inspiration you are to me.
Thank you for your kindness,you are such a sweetheart.I am so glad we are friends.
Thank you for sharing your Zentangle, they "rock" big time.
Big Hugs,Laura.xoxx
P.S. I just adore Adam Lambert too,he is playing on your blog right now.(l love his eyes and voice)LOL He is so out of the box...
Can't wait to see your art paper dolls too.
Thanks again darling Val,best wishes to you.

Diana Putnam said...

Once again your art amazes me. Where I draw a blank you fill the blanks....... Awesome work and echos of Lauras words..she said it so well.

Diana P.