Thursday, March 10, 2011

I have been missing in action AGAIN....I go through art blocks and just don't seem to be able to contribute...I am coming out of it now and starting to create again.  So many things I want to do but they don't get from my brain to my hands...hopefully we are starting a period where they will.

I belong to the Sisters of Avalon and I think that is helping with a lot of issues I deal with....learning to be yourself is a long and ongoing process but one we should all try to go through I think.

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Marilyn Harris Mills aka Maer said...

As artists, I believe that the "MIA action" is common.....our creativity never leaves us it simply takes a sojourn while we regroup, rejuvenate our soul. There are many weeks where I don't write to the universe but that's not to say my soul is laying dormant. Its simply still being creative but perhaps not publicized.
Consider the missing in action bit a part of the artist's journey. :) Love ya.