Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I have a small studio and I am always needing space.  I wish this was my idea but I have seen it floating around for a while now and it sure hit the nail on the head for organizing.  I took the old extra dvd cases we had left over from when my hubby and I have our movie business.  They are thicker than the newer slim cases.  I pulled out the back plastic part that sits inside and holds the dvd in place.  then I put in (on their mylar backing) my cling free stamps.  Now if the set is too big I just cut it in half and put the front showing the stamp and under that I put a cut piece of white paper and under that I put the other half with the stamps facing out the back of the case...so you can turn it over from front to back and see what's in there....I also mounted my rubber stamps the same way.  The mounted stamps I put in the same colour plastic boxes so whenever I see the blue plastic flat boxes (fromMichaels) on the shelf right away I know it is stamps...of course I labelled them anyway...(I like labelling).  All my non word stamps went in one case and the word stamps went in the other case.  My seasonals stamps are all kept together in another case....the dvd cases will fit nicely in a file drawer, shoe box type of case etc. and certainly saves space and time when looking for stamps.

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