Friday, February 26, 2010

I am working on a new mixed media piece and hope to have it finished within the next couple days to show you..I am excited because it is my first design and my own!!!

I have been busy learning Corel Paintshop...yikes I need a book easier than Corel for Dummies that's for sure. Thank goodness for my husband who has the patience (well he is probably screeching inside) to show me over and over while I take notes....hehehehe..

I am putting up a picture today of my granddog Tucker. I just think this is such a good picture that I have to share...he is the sweetest little guy...

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freebird said...

Most dogs are wonderful. Pit bulls give dogs a bad name but overall, even with Pits, dogs are better than many people.

I know how to resize a photo and fill a blank page with photos for printing out. That's most of what I know with Photoshop so I need a better course than the one I took but am too busy taking journaling classes to stop and take a PS class.

Thanks for pointing me to your transfer technique. I think I will try that.