Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Front of journal W.I.P.
My grandson Jacob and my granddaughter Nicole have taught me so much when it comes to art...they take it in school and learn new things weekly and share with Grandma...I am doing a cover page front and inside from a piece of art work that Nicky had to do for school. She is 11..I am going to embelish the front with something on the top and ribbons and beads along the rings and  the top and side of where her art finishes in the inside of the cover...so this is a wip...I can't express how proud I am of the work Jacob and Nicole do..Jacob is in to zentangles and creates beautiful ones and Nicky has been saving up and buying doodle books and we have so much fun after school working with these characters in the books....they are getting what I didn't in school and I think that is so important and great!!

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