Sunday, March 17, 2013

this is Pepito.  We brought him to his forever home October Thanksgiving weekend.  8 years old and about 7 of those years he was kept in a cage in a puppy mill and brought out by the neck and I guess carried around that way.  he didn't trust humans at all and couldn't be picked up or patted and therefore was wanted by no one...I saw him on the internet and fell in love immediately and made arrangements to go see him.  His foster Mom taught him so walk up and down stairs and to walk on a leash..she picked him up and bonded with him and even got to pat him on occasion when he was feeling particularly trusting.  He has come so far in his little journey in our lives.  He circled the table all the time when he first came as that is all he knew how to do all those years in the he circles less and less and does happy tight little circles when ever we have been out or come down stairs in the morning.  He is happy and each day he becomes a little more trusting.  He comes up and gives me a kiss on the hand in the morning and will kiss me on the leg from behind...He will sit on the floor close to us now and will come and get treats...We are so lucky to have him.  He rules us all even the cats.

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